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We offer a comprehensive selection of asset management products and corporate finance solutions for both buy side and sell side.

Private Equity

Investment Management


Private Equity

Robustus private equity is industry agnostic. Building upon our in-house finance and business expertise and through our locally rooted global network, we source, evaluate, and capture investment opportunities. We focus on growth equity, leveraged buyouts, and turnaround situations deploying both equity and debt strategies that best fit each project’s characteristics and create the greatest value for all stakeholders.

Private Equity
Proprietary deal origination:
we leverage upon our network and partners across 8+ jurisdictions to source high-quality investment targets to maximize returns and minimize risk.
Meticulous due diligence:
We vet each investment opportunity thoroughly by conducting industry-specific due diligence leveraging our Corporate Finance arm, covering commercial, management, financial, legal, and technology due diligence. We vet each project to capture market opportunities at the right time and control risks.
Value creation:
Our private equity specialists drive superior value creation by leveraging upon in-depth industry expertise and technical knowhow. We unlock the full intrinsic value of companies by offering both corporate development advice and commercial connections through our global network of strategic partners.

Trust and
Estate Services

We offer integrated wealth management planning tailored to the specific needs of UHNWIs, families, and institutions. Whether your priority is to preserve capital, generate sustainable growth, or safeguard wealth succession, we offer both onshore and offshore trust and estate solutions that could best fit your wealth management needs.

Our experienced trust and investment specialists are here to guide you through the complex trust and estate landscape and provide the right investment strategies to help you achieve capital growth through serving in a variety of roles, to fulfill trust and fiduciary responsibilities, including:

Trust and Estate Services
Investment Advisor
Trust Consultant

Partner with us on your trust and estate needs to draw upon our broad and deep expertise.


Alternative Investments

Alternative Investments


Investments in digital assets, blockchain-related businesses, commercial real estate, art, and frontier assets are gaining burgeoning popularity as a diversification strategy. Our alternative investment team leverages meticulous quantitative strategies and technical analysis to achieve portfolio diversification and attractive growth.

ESG Investments

A growing number of investors, asset managers, and institutions account for ESG as a crucial part of their investment strategy. A multitude of studies have proven that ESG criteria in the screening process can bring in better investments while reducing risks: corporates that have good ESG performance have access to lower costs of capital and have lower risk premiums given greater transparency. Building upon our ESG consulting arm’s expertise, we conduct in-house assessments via our proprietary ESG scoring system that covers corporates in both developing and developed countries, to identify quality ESG investment opportunities that bring both sustainable financial return and ESG impact

ESG Investments



Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

Merger and acquisition advisory

Deal Origination & Evaluation:
We guide our clients to pursue carefully vetted and quality M&A opportunities. We work with you to devise an M&A strategy that fits your corporate development objectives and help execute the mandate by introducing quality targets or buyers.  We leverage upon our vast network of deal origination partners and top-class due diligence expertise.
Deal Structuring:
Our highly skilled deal structuring experts help our clients strategically construct deals to enhance return and manage risk. We carefully evaluate and analyse all deal aspects including financial, tax, and commercial to devise the most optimal structure.
Value creation:
We provide various financing solutions to serve your M&A needs. We are able to tap into various sources of capital, and devise creative strategies to unlock the greatest potential from your corporate profile at the most optimal rate.


Businesses go through peaks and troughs. Having clear, practical, and actionable advice to drive change and align stakeholder interest during time-sensitive situations is hence vital to ensure the sustainable development of any successful business. Our restructuring team works closely with you to devise and implement strategic and tactical plans including:

Operational and financial assessment and turnaround solutions
Cash flow management, debt and capital structure optimisation, and guidance
Crisis management, communication advisory, and bankruptcy advisory

Capital Markets Advisory

We approach every client’s needs holistically to tailor a financing strategy unique to their situation. Our team has a strong track record of delivering creative solutions in challenging and fast-changing markets.

Our team advises, negotiates, and coordinates for our clients on raising capital via IPOs, private placements, and debt issuance with a focus on corporate bonds and asset-backed financing.

Our strong expertise to deliver maximum deal value has allowed us to have worked with a diversity of clients from various stages, industries, and geographies. Building upon a global network of locally rooted experts, we are able to collaborate on a variety of issues – to manage the deal process and complexity at every step of the way in the dynamic and fast-changing environment. Our advisory team works with both the buy and sell sides. Draw upon our human capital that is capable of delivering proven value.

Our experts help clients make the most of their strategic M&A decisions and accompany them throughout the whole process from conceptualisation, planning to execution. We are able to provide a broad range of advice on a variety of transactions, including acquisitions, divestitures, private placements, spin-offs, corporate restructurings, carve-outs, and special assignments.

We work with private individuals, public institutions, and business corporations globally. Our experienced specialists are here to manage the process and complexity at every step of the way in the dynamic and fast-changing environment of such deals.


Financing Solutions

Financing Solutions
Project financing
Project financing or project loans are medium to long-term loans arranged for a specific purpose. Our professional team leverages our innovative solutions and proprietary access to low-cost capital to offer tailor-made financing solutions for your specific project at your lowest cost.
Mezzanine financing
Entities with specific goals would turn to mezzanine financing to fulfill their capital needs. We provide mezzanine financing services to different parties, including professional investors, SMEs, listed companies, and institutions.
Green & Blue Financing
Projects that bring about environmental benefits are increasingly popular among investors given the shift towards ESG asset allocation. Building upon our ESG consulting arm’s experience and knowledge, we support asset owners and corporations to raise capital and access green & blue finance capital.

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