Our Solutions

We offer a holistic solution to serve the asset management and corporate finance needs for both investors and asset owners.

For Investors



From pension funds to insurance companies, our team originates and structures investment products for institutional investors who typically seek superior returns with downside protection against market risks and volatility. Our ESG investment offerings enable institutional investors a respectable balance of sustainable return and social impact.



Corporates vary by industry, stage and scale, each having their own unique needs. We provide solutions to all kinds of corporate clients – from local corporations  to MNCs. We offer a full range of investment products covering private debt, private equity and alternative investment strategies to help you realise your strategic goals.

Through our Corporate Finance arm, Robusuts offers top-notch M&A, restructuring and capital markets advisory services to help our corporate clients achieve their development goals.


Family Offices

Families tend to seek investment strategies based on a longer-term horizon and that are more balanced in terms of risks. Through proprietary deal sourcing and top-class structuring, Robustus offers a wide range of investment products, spanning from the conventional capital markets to alternative strategies including growth equities and crypto investments, to help you achieve your wealth management goals.



Each HNWI customer has their unique wealth management, financial planning and risk mitigation objectives. Our team provides portfolio advisory services by matching your key investment objectives with tailored investment strategies, skillfully allocating your assets based on your risk/return profile. Our Trust Management arm offers HNWIs a robust solution to succession planning and to protect your wealth and assets against adversary events.

For Asset Owners



Corporate developments require reliable and readily available access to capital. Our Corporate Finance arm offers a full suite of solutions to help you realize your corporate development goals through mergers, asset acquisitions, debt and equity capital markets access, pre-IPO restructuring, and turnaround.


Project Owners

Launching a project requires strategic and optimal financing. Our Financing experts leverage innovative structures and proprietary access to low-cost capital to develop attractive financing solutions tailored to your project development needs.


Asset Owners

Both real and financial assets could offer decent liquidity when structured right. Our Financing arm helps you unlock maximum LTVs through unparalleled structuring expertise and proprietary access to a vast network of long-term credit investors.

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